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742 ways to say I love you.

742 Ways to say I LOVE YOU 

  1. Travel more then one (1) hour out of town together. 

  2. Dance with or without music. (Always ask first, not only with words) 

  3. Dance with her in public. 

  4. Dance in the rain. (Even in your best outfit) 

  5. Candles/Incense/Oils/Blacklight make for great cuddling/sex. 

  6. Sleep together. (Actually sleep, not sex) 

  7. Be a prince to her parents. (Brownie points) 

  8. Share a plate of spaghetti. (Ever see “Lady and the Tramp”?) 

  9. Give her roses or wildflowers. For no reason, often. 

  10. Do the little things. (I.E., Pull out chairs, open doors, hold hands….) 

  11. Notice when she does the little things. 

  12. Surprise her with dinner and dancing. (On dinner and a movie date night) 

  13. Write sappy love letters/notes 

  14. Never, ever forget “holidays”! (The ones that the two of you make up too) 

  15. Girls like guys who will listen to sappy love songs. (When she’s around, and without groaning) 

  16. Always ask them how their day was…and listen! 

  17. Say I love you to each other, at least once in every 24 hour period. 

  18. Quote her favorite movie. 

  19. On “holidays” have her song played at least once…without her having to tell you to. 

  20. Romantic/classical music and candles/fires make for great cuddling. 

  21. Stargaze on a clear night. (New moons are the best times) 

  22. Find a nice secluded spot that is only yours. 

  23. Tell her you love her only when you mean it and make sure she knows you mean it. 

  24. Write poetry/songs for each other. 

  25. Sing or play a musical instrument. (If you can) 

  26. Draw. (If you can) 

  27. Tell her she’s beautiful, even in sweatpants and a tee-shirt. (And mean it) 

  28. Be nice to her friends, but not too nice. (More brownie points) 

  29. Watch the sunset together. 

  30. Call from your vacation spot just to say hi. 

  31. Go 30 minutes out of your way just spend a few hours with her. 

  32. Order for her. (Ask her what she wants and then tell the waiter/waitress for her) 

  33. Always appear to pay. (Even if it’s Dutch) 

  34. Do things you have never done before with her. 

  35. Flirt in public. (Yes, that means holding hands) 

  36. PDA - Public Displays of Affection. 

  37. DON’T make her do anything she doesn’t want to. 

  38. Let her lay on your lap and run your fingers through her hair. (She would do it to you) 

  39. Always chase after her. (Especially after fights) 

  40. Touch her in a loving way. (Seduce her) 

  41. Have a candlelight dinner for two at least once a year. 

  42. Love yourself before you love anyone else. 

  43. Cook for each other. 

  44. Go on a twilight picnic. 

  45. Whisper sweet nothings. 

  46. Request/dedicate songs to each other. 

  47. Make memories together. 

  48. Let there never be a moment when you are not thinking about them, and make sure they know that. 

  49. Buy her a ring. 

  50. Be there for the good and the bad times. 

  51. Walk her to her door. 

  52. Don’t just tell her you love her, show her. 

  53. Spend all day with her doing nothing. 

  54. Go home and call her to talk about nothing. 

  55. Moonlit walks on the beach. (Lake or ocean…no difference) 

  56. Introduce them as your girlfriend or boyfriend to your friends. 

  57. Take her to a romantic movie and remember the parts she likes. 

  58. Find out her favorite flower and give it to her for her birthday. (No matter how difficult it is to find) 

  59. Know her favorite flower, color, number, animal, song (or band) and movie. 

  60. Compliment her for no reason. (NEVER LIE she can tell) 

  61. Treat her the way she wants to be treated, not the way other girls want to be treated. 

  62. When you say “I’m sorry” look them in the eyes. 

  63. In disagreements, fight fair. No name calling! 

  64. Don’t let little mistakes become big mistakes. 

  65. Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. 

  66. Never interrupt when you are being flattered. 

  67. Always close your eyes. Staring is rude. 

  68. Go on a carriage ride through the park. 

  69. You figure it out. 

  70. Share your deep dark secrets with each other. 

  71. Tell them your fantasies. 

  72. Make them feel important. 

  73. Lips were made for kissing. So were cheeks, hands, necks, fingertips, shoulders, etc. 

  74. Go for a twilight horseback ride. 

  75. Never ever physically hurt her intentionally. 

  76. Sit on the floor at the movie theater. 

  77. Have your picture taken together. 

  78. Eat ice cream together. 

  79. Go to a museum together. 

  80. Talk to each other using only body language. 

  81. Send a silly/sappy card just because you were thinking about them. 

  82. Give them space when they need it. 

  83. Carve your names into a tree/table. 

  84. Go for a walk at dusk together. 

  85. Send them a singing telegram. 

  86. Spend all night thinking of 1001 sweet things to do for them. 

  87. Hold them and gaze into there eyes and realize how much you love them and tell them that. 

  88. Gently run your hand across their cheek and look in their eyes. 

  89. Blindfold them and take them somewhere romantic. 

  90. If you cannot feel their heartbeat, you are not close enough. 

  91. Go roller/ice skating together. 

  92. Give backrubs just because. 

  93. Everyone deserves a second chance. (Or third…) 

  94. When people put them down, defend them. 

  95. Don’t have sex, make love. 

  96. Do anything to impress them. 

  97. ALWAYS be honest with them. (Even if you know it’s gonna hurt… it’ll hurt more if you lie.) 

  98. Go hiking/camping together. 

  99. Give them stuffed animals just because. 

  100. Treat her like a princess. 

  101. Give her the story-book romance once in a while. 

  102. Don’t just love each other, like each other too. 

  103. When a very attractive woman walks by, tell your girlfriend that she is ten times prettier. 

  104. Go for a drive together just to get lost. 

  105. Tell them what you like and don’t like. 

  106. French kiss. 

  107. When you look into their eyes, look into their soul. 

  108. Walk up behind her and put you hands in her front pockets. 

  109. Make sacrifices for each other. 

  110. Do things like writing “I Love you” backwards so they have to look in a mirror to read it. 

  111. When they aren’t looking put a love letter in their pocket. 

  112. Take her hand and look into her eyes, gently kiss her cheek and place her hand over your heart. 

  113. Fall asleep on the phone together. 

  114. Give her, her fairy tale. 

  115. Make up silly games for you and them to play. 

  116. Spread rose petals on the floor where they walk the most. 

  117. Surprise them with breakfast in bed. 

  118. Introduce them to your stuffed animals. 

  119. You and her are the only people in the world who matter… turn the world off and just cuddle together. 

  120. Send them on a treasure hunt… you being the treasure. 

  121. Talk to her the way you would a colleague. 

  122. Kiss them for all the bad things that happened that day. 

  123. Lie in bed together and just talk. 

  124. Relax around them… they love who you are inside, not outside. 

  125. Tell them why you love them. 

  126. Do one of the chores that they normally does. 

  127. Keep an open line of communication with each other. 

  128. Keep your relationship full of surprises. 

  129. Be affectionate to them. (Not sexual.) 

  130. Bathe each other. 

  131. Take showers together. 

  132. Write on each other using your fingers. 

  133. Write “I love you” in the sand/snow. 

  134. Announce to the world that you love her. 

  135. Never keep your feelings locked up… it hurts them when you do. 

  136. Love everyone you meet, because that is the only way to really live. 

  137. Never go to bed angry. (Always finish the fight.) 

  138. Sit and talk in your underwear. 

  139. Sit and talk naked. 

  140. Too much of a good thing can be bad. (Don’t have only physical relationships.) 

  141. You are her man… Prove it. (Don’t do things that make you look 12.) 

  142. Go swimming together. 

  143. Go skinny-dipping together. 

  144. Give them pedicures/manicures. (You don’t have to use nail polish.) 

  145. Hugs are the best medicine. 

  146. Tell them that you care about them and what they do. 

  147. Have fun together… you are friends. 

  148. Walk arm in arm. 

  149. Make a tape of romantic/classical music and give it to them. 

  150. Play Frisbee/Football together. 

  151. Find out what’s special to them and do it. 

  152. Go to the concert that they have been wanting to go to forever together. 

  153. Do things with each other’s families. 

  154. NEVER EVER cheat on them. (Nobody deserves that.) 

  155. Laugh together. 

  156. Even if you both have lived in the town you do now… go sightseeing. 

  157. Give each other pet names. 

  158. Give them sexy looks. 

  159. Respect them for who they are. 

  160. Give flowers/candy/poetry to them. 

  161. Trust them even if you have been burned before. 

  162. Always hold her around her waist. 

  163. Just listen when they had a bad day. 

  164. Just listen to them whatever the case may be. 

  165. Do projects together. 

  166. Talk… find out what makes them the way they are. 

  167. Go birdwatching together. 

  168. Help them wash their car. 

  169. When you look into they eyes, tell them how you feel deep down and gently kiss their cheek. 

  170. Make them baked goods. 

  171. Help them with their homework. 

  172. Read romance novels to each other. 

  173. Sweep her off her feet. 

  174. The most cherished gifts are the ones that come from the heart, not the wallet… make gifts for them. 

  175. Come up with major points about them using their name. 

  176. Three little words: Three little kisses. (between the eyes, on the tip of the nose and the lips) 

  177. Put a note in her purse telling her to meet you somewhere special for lunch. 

  178. Go to her apartment before she gets there and make it a haven for love with dimmed lights, and rose petals on the floor leading her in the direction of your “Love Nest” of a bedroom and make it a night to remember. 

  179. Play silly games. (Like “Taste the Rainbow”, “Buttons” or anything you can think of) 

  180. Make your own private waterfall by sitting in the tub and turning on the shower-head. 

  181. Wash them not in the shower/bathtub. 

  182. Don’t wear underwear and let them find out. 

  183. Send them on a treasure hunt and have a picture of you in the sexiest clothes that you have on as the prize. 

  184. Write a story about how you two met and fell in love and give it to them. 

  185. Play truth or dare together. 

  186. Call her voice mail and give romantic instructions that must be completed. 

  187. Give them a “For Your Eyes Only” striptease. 

  188. Kiss your love from the toes up… but when you get to the head, don’t kiss their lips until they are begging for it. 

  189. Play hard to get. 

  190. Offer to give a candlelight massage and listen to their day and help them to totally relax. 

  191. Send her flowers but on the card, tell her to go a store where there is a cute/seducing dress waiting for her and there have another note telling her where to meet you for a night of pure emotional bliss. 

  192. Very lightly push up her chin, look into her eyes, tell her you love her, and kiss her lightly. 

  193. Dress each other. 

  194. Undress each other. 

  195. Dress your love for bed. 

  196. Hold her with hands inside the back of her shirt. 

  197. Makeout in the rain. 

  198. Kiss every part of their body. 

  199. Buy gifts for each other. 

  200. Find out what their favorite perfume/cologne is and wear it whenever you are around them. 

  201. Wear his clothes. 

  202. Clothes are no fun. 

  203. Lightly kiss their collarbone and their jawbone (just below the ear) and whisper “I love you.” 

  204. Kiss at every chance you get. 

  205. Bubble baths. 

  206. Kiss/smell her hair. 

  207. Tell her that she’s the only girl you’ll ever want. (Don’t lie) 

  208. Spend every possible second together. 

  209. Keep one of her bras where you can see it every day. 

  210. Read to each other. 

  211. Take advantage of any time alone. 

  212. Tell them how you answered every question on your English final with their name. 

  213. Let her sit on your lap. 

  214. Kiss her stomach. 

  215. Unless you can feel their heart beating, you aren?t close enough. 

  216. Sit in front of a roaring fire and make love. 

  217. Let her fall asleep on you lap. 

  218. Carry her to bed. 

  219. Waterbeds are fun. 

  220. Break everyone of your parent’s relationship rules for them. 

  221. Make excuses to call them every five minutes. 

  222. Even if you are really busy, take time out to call them just to say “I love you.” 

  223. Remember your dreams and tell them about them. 

  224. Act out mutual fantasies together. (Not necessarily sexual) 

  225. Brush her hair out of her face for her. 

  226. Cuddle under a full moon on a clear night together. 

  227. Describe the feeling you have when they are around you. 

  228. Really love each other, don’t just stay together. 

  229. Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages. 

  230. Sleep naked together. 

  231. Give them a clear plastic keychain with a poem that you wrote in it. 

  232. Strawberries and chocolate syrup. (Need I say more?) 

  233. Eat fresh fruit together. (Berries) 

  234. Always compliment each other. 

  235. Share all aspects of your life. 

  236. Write love comments on the morning newspaper 

  237. Spray your love letters with perfume. 

  238. Sneak an afternoon nap together. 

  239. Slip your own message inside your love’s fortune cookie. (You gotta be fast for that one.) 

  240. Look for the good in your love. 

  241. Do his laundry. 

  242. Send flowers to her office. 

  243. Leave a love note hidden under the pillow. 

  244. Browse through old photos of the two of you. 

  245. Make a practice of long kisses. 

  246. Cultivate trust by always being honest. 

  247. Help her on and off with her coat. 

  248. Give books of romantic poetry. 

  249. Stage your own kissing marathon. 

  250. Enjoy a picnic among fountains in an urban plaza setting. 

  251. Buy your mate a gold coin from the year you met. 

  252. Surprise your mate with twenty-six gifts from A to Z that begin with each of the letters of the alphabet. 

  253. Remind all your mate’s friends to send them a card on their birthday. 

  254. Be attentive to your mate’s needs. 

  255. Pick up his shirts at the cleaners. 

  256. Always treat your mate as your lover. 

  257. Be the first to jump out of bed to make coffee in the morning. 

  258. Be adventurous with a home cooked ethnic meal from your mate’s background. 

  259. Show your mate you care about their background and learn all you can about their ethnic history. 

  260. Send a small evergreen tree with a note stating your pining for them. 

  261. Give him a medal for being the very best. 

  262. Blow kisses. 

  263. Workout together. 

  264. Eat junk food by candlelight. 

  265. Write “I Love You” on the top of the butter with a toothpick. 

  266. Write “I Love You” in red lipstick across the bathroom mirror. 

  267. Place a rose inside her morning paper. 

  268. Invite your mate over for breakfast. 

  269. Offer to share the driving on long road trips. 

  270. Learn to give a great back massage. 

  271. Be playful with each other. 

  272. Finger paint a romantic masterpiece together. 

  273. Give a four leaf-clover on the eve of a big event for good luck. 

  274. Place red Christmas lights on plants for February 14th. 

  275. Take a moonlit walk on Sunday to start off the week right. 

  276. Treat her to a shopping spree at a lingerie shop. 

  277. Treat him and his buddies to an afternoon at a sports bar for the big game. 

  278. Help him pick out his ties. 

  279. Snuggle often. 

  280. Listen with your heart as well as your head. 

  281. Smile at each other often. 

  282. Rent her favorite movie. 

  283. Shampoo, blow dry and brush her hair. 

  284. Do his laundry and iron his clothes. 

  285. Write love letters at least monthly. 

  286. Serve breakfast in bed. 

  287. Have a special knock that only the two of you know. 

  288. Put a note in a romance novel saying, “The story is great but our own love story is better.” 

  289. Hire a maid for your not-so-tidy mate. 

  290. Send a valentine in January to get the year rolling. 

  291. When you know that your love has had a bad week, take all day and cook a romantic meal for them and go all out. (Candlelight, a center piece, and you) 

  292. Call their work and ask in advance for a leave of absence. 

  293. Make them their favorite breakfast. 

  294. Spend a whole day listening talking, catering to their every need. 

  295. When you go out on dates, greet each other as if you haven’t seen each other in forever and a day, even if it’s been 2 hours. 

  296. If you hear her say that she found the perfect flower, but couldn’t reach it, you give that flower to her. 

  297. When you know that your love is working overtime… call them to say “I love you” and hang up… that’ll make them a happy person in the morning. 

  298. Give him (yes HIM) flowers (sunflowers) when he’s feeling sad. 

  299. Go for a walk in the park after dark and talk about everything. 

  300. Go on a picnic in the middle of the day. 

  301. Go shopping together. 

  302. Go to an outdoor concert/play together. 

  303. Give them a “heart attack.” (Decorate their room with heart balloons and everything else you can think of when they come home from being gone for a while.) 

  304. Blind fold him and take him somewhere you first went together. 

  305. Let them read you diary/journal. 

  306. Write a sweet one page or more love note every few days. Leave it in various places where they can see it. 

  307. Plan a romantic meal, even if it’s a midnight dessert by candlelight, after the kids (if you have any) are asleep. 

  308. Go buy at least two light romantic games and play them at least twice this week. (Light as in not to hot and heavy) 

  309. Leave as many small tokens of affection you can muster up in places they will find. 

  310. Stay up all night just being together and watch the sunrise in the morning. 

  311. Take more care in your appearance. 

  312. Make a point to do one romantic thing a day. 

  313. Give your love a sensuous bubble bath. (Wash their hair. Have warm fluffy towels ready to dry them off with. Follow by blow-drying and brushing their hair.) 

  314. Give your partner an hour long massage complete with sensuous massage oils, romantic music, candlelight and finger foods for you to feed them. 

  315. Go to a local lookout spot (even if it’s your backyard), and be close, (watch the clouds/stars). 

  316. Give your love the ultimate kiss. 

  317. Plan a night on the beach (or anything similar) cuddled together drinking champagne. 

  318. Have a body painting session. (You can buy body paints from one of many places or you can use chocolate syrup) 

  319. Order takeout and feed your partner (fingerfoods are most romantic for this) by candlelight. 

  320. Serve your love breakfast in bed. 

  321. Pamper each other. 

  322. Snuggle on a small sofa or love seat and watch a movie or their favorite TV show. 

  323. Snuggle on a small sofa or love seat and just listen to the radio. 

  324. Snuggle on a small sofa or love seat when it is completely silent and listen to them breathe. 

  325. Slip a card in a clothes drawer. 

  326. Propose in public or under moonlight/candlelight. 

  327. Get Married. 

  328. Have a cyber-wedding. 

  329. Write your own vows. 

  330. Buy lots of cards so you always have some ready, then mail one for no reason. 

  331. Mail one for the anniversary of your first dance/date/etc… 

  332. Help clean the house. 

  333. Kiss quickly and tenderly while working on the chores. 

  334. While washing the dishes slip up behind them and nibble on the back of their neck. 

  335. Leave several post it notes with loving comments or compliments so that they will be found eventually. 

  336. Offer to drive if they are tired and need to go somewhere. 

  337. No matter how tired you are take a moment and smile at them. 

  338. If you get lost while driving, STOP and get directions. 

  339. Find a road that leads to a romantic night time view, and make out. 

  340. Ask her out. 

  341. Learn from your mistakes and don’t make the same one twice. 

  342. Tell them you love them in Skywriting343. Hang mistletoe above your bed and leave it there for the whole month/year. 

  343. Surprise your lover with a deep shoulder massage while they are at the computer, doing tedious work. 

  344. Take your partner on a balloon ride with a picnic and tell them “This is how I always feel with you.” 

  345. Make a tape that includes a love message, special song(s), even a poem and leave it in their car for the drive to work. 

  346. Invite your love over for breakfast and make it from scratch. 

  347. Remember where and when you met and where your first date was, then reenact it. 

  348. It may be difficult to say, but I WAS WRONG could save a lot of unnecessary arguing. 

  349. Decorate for the Holidays together, you may find a new tradition to share. 

  350. Make a donation in your partner’s name to their favorite charity, or donate both of your time for something you can do together, like working at a shelter. 

  351. Write a long love letter, then seal it with a kiss and mail it. 

  352. Next time you go on a date, pretend you’ve never met. Keep it up all night. 

  353. Tickle each other. 

  354. Go on an afternoon bikeride. 

  355. Pop a Hershey Kiss into your mouth before you smooch. 

  356. Give your beloved a bottle of massage lotion, then try it out on each other. 

  357. Dedicate a website to them, announcing to the world that they are the one for you. 

  358. Go (watch) ballroom dancing. 

  359. Find out what makes the other happy/sad. 

  360. Teach each other to shave— his face, her legs. 

  361. Run your fingers through your cupcake’s tresses. 

  362. Put mud masks on each other’s faces. 

  363. Spend an afternoon posing each other for Polaroid’s. 

  364. Suck on your sugar’s fingers. 

  365. Make up nicknames for each other. 

  366. Put candles all over your flame’s room, then turn off the lights. 

  367. Nibble on your dear’s ear. 

  368. Scratch your amour’s back. 

  369. Wear blindfolds while making out. 

  370. Tell them that no matter what happens, that you will always love them. 

  371. Write a poem or song for your precious, then look into their eyes and recite or sing it. 

  372. Run a feather up and down your darling’s face, arm, back. 

  373. Have a pillow fight. 

  374. Play footsie under the table. 

  375. Tell your pumpkin about the dream you had about the two of you last night. 

  376. Kiss each other’s toes. 

  377. Work on a puzzle together. 

  378. Say “I Love You” in sign language and touch hands. 

  379. Open your heart and soul to them, they will love you more for that. 

  380. Make her cry. (Tears of joy and happiness) 

  381. As a special gift, make a book of love coupons good for a massage, slave for a day, dinner, dancing….be creative. 

  382. Surprise her by handing her the remote. 

  383. Take a walk in the park, pick daisies or something and put them in her hair. 

  384. Write her name in Suntan lotion on your back and get a tan! 

  385. Write “I love you” on your tummy w/magic marker and then pull up your shirt! 

  386. Make/buy pizza and write something of importance to you two in the topping of your choice and eat it on a beach watching the sunset! 

  387. Create a photo album with pictures of you both together. 

  388. Get a star named after your love. 

  389. Give a long foot/leg/back/neck massage. 

  390. Give them space when they need it. 

  391. Don’t laugh at them, laugh with them. 

  392. Learn how to cook their favorite meal. 

  393. Blindfold them and take them to a secluded picnic area. 

  394. Give a vintage bottle of wine from the year of their birth. 

  395. Take a gondola ride in Venice . 

  396. Say “I love you” in Morse Code: (. . / . _ . . _ _ _ … _ . / _ ._ _ _ _ _ . . _). 

  397. Write a list: “101 Reasons Why You’re The Greatest”. 

  398. Write each reason on a separate square of paper. 

  399. Wrap them in a fancy gift box. 

  400. Go through revolving doors together. 

  401. Join her in the dressing room while lingerie shopping. 

  402. Relax together in a Jacuzzi. 

  403. Squeeze into phone booths together. 

  404. Keep your partner among your top three priorities. 

  405. Let the infatuation fade, but keep the passion alive. 

  406. Walk in the rain together. 

  407. Watch for rainbows and make wishes for each other. 

  408. Search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 

  409. Replace your lamp’s light bulb with a red bulb and have a night of passion. 

  410. Make sure they are the last thing you think about before you fall asleep. 

  411. Call your mate at work an play your song. 

  412. Make a collage of your love’s favorite. photos. Have it scanned into a computer and printed poster size. 

  413. Leave 11 roses on your love’s car seat, give them the 12th after work with a note that says “I Love You.” 

  414. Give him little surprises where he least expects it. 

  415. Plan a private night of relaxation for him after work. Light candles, and give him a massage with warm oils. 

  416. Write custom word balloons on his favorite newspaper comic strip. 

  417. Blindfold him and take him to a new restaurant 

  418. Place a heart-shaped sticker on your wristwatch to remind you to call (only if it’s not digital) 

  419. Be frugal all year so you can live it up on vacation. 

  420. Get every book ever written by her favorite author. 

  421. Get every recording ever made by his favorite musical group. 

  422. Hold a picnic in a tree fort. 

  423. How about kiss her hand when you part. 

  424. Surprise them often with different comments. (Like telling them that you don’t think you love them, but you know you do…) 

  425. Arrive at their office at 5:00 on Friday to whisk them away for a romantic weekend. 

  426. Proudly display their picture in your office. 

  427. If their favorite sports team is in town, surprise them with two tickets. 

  428. Celebrate even the very smallest occasions: the 1 year anniversary of meeting each other, the 100th Thursday since your first kiss… 

  429. Have a snapshot of their pet enlarged and framed for their desk. 

  430. Begin your own traditions with a favorite vacation spot or restaurant that will help you fall in love all over again whenever you visit there. 

  431. Whenever you shop for yourself, remember to buy a little something for them. 

  432. If possible, invite them to come along with you on a business trip. They could join you for the weekend when you’ve finished working. 

  433. Buy two Sunday papers so you don’t fight over the comics. 

  434. Organize a “dream” file, saving articles and photographs of vacation destinations or new home ideas that the two of you could work toward together. 

  435. While you’re on vacation, collect postcards, restaurant menus, brochures and maps to create a scrapbook. Include some photographs of your trip and years later, it will evoke wonderful memories for the two of you. 

  436. Don’t complain about the worn out shirt from college that they just won’t give away. 

  437. Bring home some of those tiny marshmallows they simply must have in their hot chocolate. 

  438. Massage their scalp after a long day at work. It’s a great tension reliever for them and you’ll enjoy running your fingers through their hair. 

  439. To let your loved one know that their family is important to you, begin sending cards from the two of you on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. 

  440. Plant a tree to commemorate a very special occasion such as your wedding day, your first house, or the birth of your first child. Then watch the tree grow along with your love. 

  441. Send them a Father’s/Mother’s Day card from their pet. 

  442. If your loved one is a student, offer to help quiz them before final exams. 

  443. With a little help from their parents, create a collage of photographs from their childhood. 

  444. On your first anniversary, surprise them with a limousine ride for the night. The two of you can cuddle in the back just like you did on your prom night and enjoy a night on the town. 

  445. Offer to shop for their mother’s/father’s birthday present. 

  446. Go on an old fashioned date to the skating rink or bowling alley. 

  447. Put together little inspirational packages with novelty items: if they’re facing a crisis at work, get a little toy lion for courage and a pillow for a punching bag. 

  448. Get tickets to see their favorite band when they visit your area, and try to look like you’re enjoying yourself. 

  449. Fulfill one of their teenage fantasies: borrow or rent a convertible and surprise them with a moonlit ride. 

  450. Treat them to an old fashioned banana split. 

  451. Exchange valentine conversation hearts just like you did as a child. 

  452. Have their portrait painted from a photograph as a surprise for their birthday. 

  453. Send their parents a thank you card on their birthday. 

  454. Know every anniversary: your first kiss, your first date, the first time they whispered “I Love You”. 

  455. Find out what their idea of a true fantasy vacation is. Then call your travel agent immediately. 

  456. Have a water gun fight. 

  457. Go to church together. 

  458. Play in the rain. 

  459. Enjoy a cappuccino at your favorite coffee shop. 

  460. Write a journal of your life together, all the ups AND downs. 

  461. Make a giant chocolate kiss by shaping homemade fudge in a funnel. 

  462. Create a new dessert just for them. 

  463. Attend an event you dislike without complaining if they want to go. 

  464. Secretly replace an old worn out tool with a new one. 

  465. Take them to somewhere exotic. 

  466. Embroider their initials on something. 

  467. Give three hand squeezes that mean “I love you” 

  468. Honk three times when driving out of or into the driveway. 

  469. Give three love taps on their shoulder. 

  470. Don’t ever stop dating. 

  471. Put red lipstick kisses on napkins you put in loved ones lunch. 

  472. Dress up like a gangster, kidnap loved one, take them blindfolded to a secret hide a way for dinner and old movies (even in the basement). 

  473. Invite your loved one to a “Backyard drive-in”—-show a video outside. 

  474. Take them on a penny hike. flip a coin at each fork-in-the-road, heads turn right, tails turn left. 

  475. Ask the to describe “The perfect weekend”. 

  476. Make the weekend come true. 

  477. Greet your mate with Eskimo kisses. 

  478. Have a nice hot bubble bath and a glass of wine waiting for them when they walk through the door from work. 

  479. Remember flowers are always nice, but try to be creative. Instead of just sending a dozen roses for a special occasion, start 12 days before by sending one flower. The next day send two flowers, and so on. Make each day a different flower. This will keep them guessing as to what is coming next. Then on the last day or the 12th day send a dozen roses. 

  480. Write out your wedding vows and give it to them for your anniversary. 

  481. On a weekend, when they are sleeping in, sneak out and buy a small bouquet of roses. Set the table with the good dishes and surround their plate with the roses and place one on the plate. When you finish setting the table, wake them with a kiss and serve them breakfast. 

  482. Escape to Paradise Island together. (Do the research on the island and turn a private spot into the island… with decorations, and food…) 

  483. Get a pack of 3x5 index cards and write different things on them (i.e. slave for a day, back/foot massage, bubble bath) and fold them once. Put all the index cards in a shoebox and give your love the box, whatever they pull out you have to do. 

  484. Put on some very sexy lingerie, complete with black nylons and high heels. Then put only a coat over top to pick them up in broad daylight. 

  485. Take an empty aspirin bottle, and gave it a label like romance medicine, take as needed. Then write out 50 or so love notes and sexy ideas that could be taken anytime that a cure was needed!! 

  486. Take one night to find out each other’s romantic needs. (What says “I Love You” to them? flowers? words? touching? all three?) 

  487. When you both go to bed always lay your foot over theirs… it shows them how truly bonded you are… 

  488. The best thing to do is to fall asleep in someone’s arms and to wake up there knowing that you were held all night long by someone you love… 

  489. Call their machine at home and say something like “Just thinking of you” or “I Love You”. 

  490. Go to the theater/ballet together. 

  491. When your partner is totally not expecting it walk by them, and plant a hearty kiss right on their lips. Then tell them they were a victim of a drive-by kissing!! 

  492. Give him a card every week in a foreign language. The phrases are easy to look up, and romantic! 

  493. Tell her how you feel in a game of Hangman. 

  494. Write your love a love letter using kiddie stickers that say things like “terrific” or “top notch”. It’s a colorful way to spice up an ordinary love letter and will be sure to make their day that you put in the extra time. 

  495. Get your love a candle which is shaped like a rose and leave a note with it that says that you got this special rose because it will never die like natural roses, exactly like your love won’t die like other natural relationships. (Since this rose is a candle, it wont die until someone burns it and your sure neither one of you will burn the candle or your love!!!!) 

  496. Make your woman Queen for the evening. Spoil her. 

  497. Take a beach ball to a concert and write on it how much you love her, then launch into the crowd. 

  498. Call him on the phone one day and see if he is home. Then act like you are really busy and you will call him back, but to stay there because you REALLY need to talk to him. Then, as soon as you hang up the phone, race over to his house and surprise him with a bouquet of flowers. 

  499. Find a really old key that can’t open anything (important at least) and give it to them and tell them that it is the key to your heart. 

  500. Find a really pretty locket and put your pictures in it and give it to them. 

  501. Kiss your life partner daily before you go to sleep even if your not on good terms. If you are unable to kiss today tomorrow you give two. 

  502. Just spend time together.. always.. more than you actually have time to do. 

  503. Pretend the two of you are on you first date. The only catch is you already love the person and are comfortable with each other. 

  504. Kidnap your loved one for a weekend away from everything. 

  505. Suspend a parachute from the living room ceiling. Remove the furniture. Arrange it like a tent and put pillows in it and have soft music playing and feed each other finger foods and wine till the night becomes whatever you make it into. 

  506. Travel the world without leaving the house. (Plan out an evening in a foreign country and bring the country to home… do the research on your loved one’s favorite place… Hawaii, France, Europe… and go to extremes… food, decorations, music…) 

  507. Invite your sweetie to an intimate dinner at your place, you will cook. Make a pizza and with the pepperoni you can write something sweet, like “You are the one”. 

  508. On a rainy day or even a nice one, rent a couple of movies. Something like, “Love Jones”, or “?Til There Was You”. 

  509. Instead of giving her a dozen roses, give her only three…(tell her “This one is for my mind, which is always thinking of you. This one is for my heart, which will always love you. And this one is for my soul which will always be one with yours.”) 

  510. Go for a midnight ice cream run, going to a ice cream parlor that is open at midnight (good luck finding one) and get soft serve.512. People usually get dressed up to go to a nice dinner… get dressed up to go to a burger joint. 

  511. Kidnap your love for a day and have a picnic in the mountains. 

  512. People usually dress up to go to a nice place for dinner… go somewhere nice that doesn? It require a tie, and dress up in jeans. (like The Olive Garden) 

  513. Go to the drive-in movies. (if you?re lucky enough to have one in your city) 

  514. Have a night that is worth $1,000,000 dollars, but on a $10 dollar budget. 

  515. Go on a moonlit picnic. 

  516. Go on a dinner adventure… only getting one course at every place. (Appetizer one place, entree another place and dessert in another place) 

  517. Have a wrestling match/tickle fight. 

  518. Do everything to make them happy. 

  519. Fill the tub with chocolate candies and feed them to each other. 

  520. After a long hot day at work have your lover come home to the words “I LOVE YOU” embedded in the landscaping! It will please them for months. 

  521. Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially if they’re unexpected, no matter how big or small - anything will do. 

  522. On your mates day off (or not) pack a picnic lunch full of his favorite foods and go out to a quite park and feed each other. 

  523. The thing to do that will make your partners heart melt is show up at their door with a dozen roses and then take them on a picnic. Lay out the blanket and just hold each other under the stars. 

  524. On a nice day, while your mate isn’t paying attention or isn’t home, pack a picnic lunch and when your mate is there or is doing something pretend to stick him/her up and kidnap him/her and go somewhere romantic or special and have your picnic!!! 

  525. A fun thing to do for a special occasion is to pack a picnic basket and spirit your love off to a nice hotel. Picnic on the bed and drink champagne and …whatever. 

  526. Go to the drive-in movies and bring a picnic for two with you. 

  527. During the Fall, why not find someone who is offering Hay rides. It?s a good way to snuggle and steal a few kisses.

  528. Go shopping together in vintage stores. Pick out interesting old clothes for each other to try on. Most vintage stores will have clothes dating back to at the earliest the 20’s. This experience will prove to be lots of fun for both. 

  529. Plan an overnight hiking trip but surprise him. So you could watch sunset and sunrise together. 

  530. Go to a Playground at night and take turns pushing each other in the swings. Then play kissing tag. That should keep you busy for the rest of the night. 

  531. Take a loved one on a romantic night train ride. 

  532. Surprise your lover with an early morning walk on the beach or park before sunrise. Walk to a secluded area and have with each other’s way while the sun rises. 

  533. The perfect evening would be a carriage ride in the city with your loved one. They would have roses for you also. Then go out for a romantic dinner that is by candlelight. 

  534. Instead of going out on a date, plan an evening at home, turn off the lights, burn scented candles, watch the sunset, then take a long walk to gaze at the stars… 

  535. When she/he comes back home, late, the house is full of candles, soft music is played, smell of incense, some wine, snack or good cheeses, words of love. 

  536. If she is a lot smaller then you, let her stand on your feet and dance with her. 

  537. Leave a love note when and where your partner will least expect it. 

  538. Make your knight a gingerbread man and give it to him. (It was done in the renaissance period) 

  539. Leave no doubt of your affection. 

  540. Value your relationship. 

  541. Defend and respect your partner. 

  542. Don’t evaluate or criticize your partner. 

  543. Don’t let outside sources influence your relationship. 

  544. Don’t do anything to cause a lack of affection from your partner. 

  545. Go to bed together a half-hour earlier then normal to allow yourselves some undisturbed and intimate time to “talk” and catch up on things. 

  546. When you greet each other after work or school, take a few minutes to share a cup of coffee (or drink of choice) and tell each other about your day. 

  547. Schedule a time each week for you to spend at least two hours alone with each other. As ridiculous as this may seem, by doing this it becomes something you’ll both look forward to. 

  548. Always have a notepad and pen or some stationary with you wherever you are. This way when you’re waiting in line you can write them a quick love note. 

  549. Pick out a word, one that is said a lot like “and.” Then every time they say that word they have to give you a kiss! 

  550. When you go out to dinner, make reservations. This will speed up your waiting time so you can spend more quality time with each other. 

  551. If you can’t make a dinner date? make it a lunch date instead! 

  552. During weeks when you feel you haven’t had enough time with each other, send a bouquet of flowers or other gift to their work, home or school. 

  553. Instead of worrying about making dinner on a late night, surprise your partner with take-out and spend your newfound time over a romantic movie. 

  554. If you don’t have enough time during the week (or are just too exhausted) to go out for a romantic date, create one at home. It can be as simple as sharing a romantic bath or shower together or as elaborate as a five-course meal and other treats afterwards. 

  555. Write a surprise love letter to your significant other on a bed sheet (the one you use to cover up with). 

  556. When he says he loves you instead of saying it back nibble on his ear and say “Ditto” softly into his ear. (ever see “Ghost”?) 

  557. When you and your loved one are talking, kiss them before they finish their sentence. (but only when it’s not something important… I.E. “Will you marry me?”) 

  558. Find gifts corresponding to the letters in your lover’s full first name. Avoid cliché presents like roses or chocolates, if possible. For example, CHRIS would be Chocolate roses (for his romantic side) Heartfelt kisses (for his passion) Ride in the park (for his childlike appeal) Ice Cream (for his innocence) , Strawberries (for his sex appeal) 

  559. Get a sexy shade of lipstick and put it on. Clean and kiss your guy’s car window a couple of times and/or write a cute little message with the lipstick on the window (make sure to leave a paper towel in the front seat so he can drive safely!). 

  560. Find out what new book she wants to read, and buy it for her. Then make it a tradition to read a few pages to her before you go to sleep. 

  561. Make signs to put up all over the city you live in and put your and your love?s initials on it and says “JN loves DC” (change the initials to your initials) 

  562. Write a love letter and put it in a glass bottle. Place the bottle somewhere that you know your love will find it. 

  563. Everytime you and your love are intimate, put (at least) fifty cents in a jar (or piggy bank) and in a few months you two should have enough money to do something nice for each other. 

  564. Find out his favorite colors and make him a blanket, preferably fleece, and on one side using felt letters write something like “Cover you in kisses” or “I Love you” or “Wrapping you in my love” or something like that. 

  565. Before your lover gets home, set little notes all around the house. Start with one the refrigerator or on something they will notice, then do as many as you want and then let the last one be a wonderful surprise! 

  566. When you want to send your love a package, use rose petals as packing material… and love is yours. 

  567. If ever driving with your love and a favorite song comes on the radio, pull over, get out of the car and dance in front of the headlights. (Brownie points) 

  568. Hold them when they need it, especially when they’re sick. 

  569. Get some of those glow in the dark stars (the kind you put in a child’s room) place them directly above the bed spelling “I love you” or “Will you marry me?”, etc. 

  570. When you are with your girlfriend or boyfriend for a date. After a while or so when he or she says something, kiss them before they finish their sentence : ) 

  571. Tell your lover you are their love Genie and you will grant him/her three wishes. Things get quite interesting… 

  572. If you have a special someone, go to there bedroom window and do the whole Romeo and Juliet scene. They will die for it. Tap on their window (any tune will do) then surprise them with a rose or a kiss from you and tell them you love them. 

  573. Cuddle with your mate under warm sheets and listen to your favorite slow songs, preferably Lionel Richie or Savage Garden or Barry White. 

  574. True romance is showing undiluted love in the least lovely of situations. 

  575. If you don’t have the little sports coupe that you have always dreamed of, go to a car rental and rent it for the night, take your love out on the town in it. 

  576. If you want to give your sweetie a memorable surprise take them to a beautiful or special spot for both of you. Bring a discman with “your” song. Turn it up and put the headphones around your neck. Ask them to dance and in order to hear the music they’ll snuggle close to you. 

  577. Wait for a warm rainy night. Get your love into the car (any excuse will do) and then drive to a secluded place. Put some Ellington (or any ballad CD) in the CD player, get out into the deluge, and dance until the CD ends. A perfect night that you both will never forget. 

  578. Surprise your lover with an early morning walk on the beach or park before sunrise. Walk to a secluded area and have with each other’s way while the sun rises. 

  579. When they have had a hard day, pamper them while they complain. 

  580. Give your love a letter opener on a Wednesday and on Friday (or Saturday) give her 4 envelopes (not all at once) the first one is where you are going for dinner, the second has a tape with love songs, the third has movie tickets to the movie she has been dying to see, and the fourth has a letter that says “I Love You”. 

  581. If you live in a dorm with a roommate, make plans with them, for them not to be there for one whole night so you don?t have to worry about them coming in at the wrong time. Call your love over and do anything you want. 

  582. Buy her a ring and place it on her finger as she sleeps. Then put a note somewhere you know she’ll see it (the bathroom mirror) telling her how much you love her. 

  583. Write a poem together. You write one line and then give it to your love and have them write one line and so forth until you both agree that it is finished. 

  584. Serenade them with their favorite or popular song. 

  585. Give her a single red rose with a gold ring tied to it. (It means that you will love her forever) 

  586. Sit on the roof and talk about the things you used to do, before you became a couple, to try to impress the other. 

  587. Never get comfortable in the relationship. It means you know you don’t have to try anymore. 

  588. Candlelit dinner at a non expensive restaurant followed by a walk down the shore (of any body of water). 

  589. Go on moonlit picnic and then star gazing, and after that go to your home and finish the night. 

  590. Take her to an elaborate first class resort (Westin or Sheraton) and have a candlelit dinner on the rooftop. 

  591. Give her a pen with your name on it so that she can think of you. Then YOU use a pen with her name on it. 

  592. Depending on how old your love is, send them a birthday card everyday (for as many days as they will be old) leading up to their birthday. 

  593. When it comes to love and friends… friends come and go, love is forever. 

  594. Everyone knows they loved to roller skate as a kid. Going roller-skating with the one you love is awesome. It makes you feel like a kid again. 

  595. Remind each other that the biggest gifts always come in the smallest packages. 

  596. Let them know that it?s the little things that go a long way. 

  597. Remind each other how soon forever can start. 

  598. Make sure that they know exactly how you feel. 

  599. Write down everything that made you fall in love with your love and give it to them. 

  600. Have your pictures taken together in a photo booth. 

  601. When you say you’ll call, CALL! 

  602. Never forget that the simple things in life make life worth living. 

  603. On your 1 year anniversary, get a dozen plus one (a baker’s dozen) of anything. To twelve of them tie (separately) or put a note describing what that item symbolizes and means. On the thirteenth, put a note saying your hopes and dreams for the future. (Don’t use anything that will perish. e.g. live flowers, cookies, chocolates… if you are going to use flowers, use silk) 

  604. Buy a dozen or so love cards and a box of stationary. Keep a few cards and/or sheets in your car, purse, briefcase, etc. Whenever you are stuck waiting somewhere, take a few moments and write a love letter. 

  605. Keep a box of scented tea lights in your car, home, lover’s home, etc. Anytime you feel like turning a moment into a romantic one. Use the candles! 

  606. Make a list of all the things you both like to do and would like to do. Keep the list handy. (Make copies for each of you.) Next time you’re bored do one of those things. 

  607. Next time you’re at store that sells magazines, pick up your partner’s favorite one. If you’re not sure which is their favorite, or if they already have it, pick one you know they’ll like. 

  608. On your next dinner date, stop off at grocery store and pick up a single long stem rose, or something similar. Present it to them when you arrive, or, if you’re picking them up, leave it on the passenger seat. 

  609. Celebrate your romance by surprising your love with a bottle of champagne and toast to each other. 

  610. Keep a romantic bath kit handy filled with, at least, the following ingredients: 2 towels, washcloth or other bathing item, bubble bath, candles and lighter or matches. Surprise your partner by giving them a romantic bath when they least expect it. 

  611. Find a radio station which plays mostly love songs or invest in a few romantic CDs. Out of the blue, turn on the music, light some candles, turn off all the lights and share a romantic slow dance. 

  612. Buy a pack of colored index cards. One day, write a different reason why you love your partner, a love quote, love poem or romantic saying on each one. Every few days hide one where you know your love will find it. 

  613. Always have a can of whipped cream and/or bottle of chocolate syrup handy and be creative! 

  614. Plan a romantic dinner once a week! 

  615. Plan a romantic evening once a month. 

  616. Plan a surprise weekend getaway! 

  617. Plan for your kids to stay with a family member or close friend for the weekend and have a “Kids Free Weekend!” 

  618. Have an indoor candlelight picnic. 

  619. Give your partner a romantic bath. For an even greater effect include: finger foods, romantic music, massage, hair washing, warm towels (put in the dryer), candlelight. 

  620. Say 10 romantic things to your partner daily! 

  621. Every two weeks have a set date night! 

  622. Hide a small romantic gift or token for your partner once a week! 

  623. Give your love breakfast in bed. 

  624. Have more physical contact. Give your partner a hug at least 5 times a day. Hold hands whenever you think about it. If you’re standing in line for something put your arm around their shoulder or waist. 

  625. Experiment with different kisses. Get the book, “The Art of Kissing” and spend an evening trying all the kisses to find your favorites! 

  626. Try body painting! 

  627. Take massage classes together or research it together on the web. 

  628. Have public displays of affection! Give your partner a kiss every time you get in or out of the car. Say how much you love them in public places like over meal in a restaurant. Make out at the movies! :) Just have fun! 

  629. Go to the local beach and rent roller blades or bikes. Spend the day just having fun with each other as if you were kids. Take time out to notice something about your partner that you have not noticed before or may have forgotten about. 

  630. Find a campground and go camping this weekend. Try to experience as much of nature as you can while doing this so, if you can, take only the bare essentials. The important thing is to really spend time with your partner and working together as a team. 

  631. If it is within your budget, escape to a local hotel and experience life in your area as a tourist. Do all the things they would do and try to find out something new about the city or town that you live in. Alternatively, you can stay in the room, order room service and watch pay per view movies all weekend. 

  632. Have you missed out on the latest blockbusters at the movies? This weekend, why not have a romantic movie marathon? Start at the time the cinema opens and watch movies all the way up until they close. 

  633. When you or your partner come home from work greet your love like you haven’t seen them in years! 

  634. Stand up for your partner! 

  635. Give your love a big hug out of the blue. 

  636. Send a sweet card for no reason at all. 

  637. Hold hands whenever possible! 

  638. Make your partner feel beautiful or good looking when they are sick or look their worst. 

  639. Brag about things your love may have accomplished. 

  640. Do the dishes after dinner or clean up when you’re not expected to. 

  641. Rub your partner’s shoulders while your watching TV. 

  642. Ask your partner, “Is there anything I can do for you?”. 

  643. Call in the middle of the night just to say “I love you”. 

  644. Dance close to each other to a slow, romantic song. 

  645. Give your love an unexpected kiss! 

  646. Stroke your partner’s hair for no reason. 

  647. Tell your love they are beautiful first thing in the morning. 

  648. Listen to your love’s problems and successes! 

  649. Send a loving e-mail, poem or letter to your loved one. 

  650. Express your love without holding back! 

  651. Make your partner feel good about themselves. 

  652. Instead of going out for dinner… make an evening of dessert.. :) Go to a local ice cream parlor or favorite 50’s diner.

  653. Set up a romantic dinner date. If you can’t cook it… get take out or go to a restaurant that has it. 

  654. On a piece of paper both of you and your partner write up your dream dates and exchange them. The first week you do your partners dream date and the next week they will do yours. 

  655. Get a basket, bowl, or bag and fill it with papers that have different romantic ideas on it and once a week both of you choose one paper and on a preset night do the romantic idea. Remember don’t tell your partner what it is until that night. :) 

  656. Make a coupon book filled with chores or items that your partner dislikes doing and let them redeem one per week as desired. 

  657. Get two of your and your partner’s favorite movies, some popcorn, pizza, and candy. Lay out a few blankets, pillows, candles, and burn some incense to set the mood. PS If you have a fireplace use it… that helps too.. :) 

  658. Play Twister together and get all tangled up. If you’re in the mood for fun, this game is a classic. Clear some space on the floor, put on some up beat music and see where the night takes you. 

  659. Have a water fight with toy guns from Toys R Us. Another great idea is to visit your local toy store and buy some high powered water pistols and soak each other in a water fight. This could be done anywhere, around the apartment complex, home, back yard or in the local park. 

  660. Pack up some sandwiches and go to the local park to watch the people there. Make up stories about each person and their life as they walk by. See how creative you can get! 

  661. Take out your old CD’s and tapes from the loft and play them to each other. Tell your love a story behind each song you play. 

  662. For an unusual date, set a theme from your favorite movie and act it out. One example of this is to start the date by sending your love a “Mission Impossible” like tape and make it her mission to find you. If you have a little time to plan this, go to different stores and purchase some gifts for your love. Have each clue lead them to a different place and have the store manager give them the gift, along with the next clue. 

  663. Go to a Karaoke bar and sing a duet together. Pick an old romantic favorite or a modern tune and sing the night away! 

  664. Fingercuffs. (Ever see “Chasing Amy”?) 

  665. If you can spare the cash (and time), set a budget and go to the nearest airport. When you get there, take the first flight out that you can get. It doesn’t matter where the flight is going just jump on the plane and go. When you get there, explore the local area and have fun. 

  666. Make reservations at their favorite restaurant (even if you don’t need reservations to get a seat) 

  667. One word: Foreplay 

  668. Tell them that they are the center of your universe, and mean it. 

  669. Kiss the back of their hand (it’s a form of worship) and then roll their hand over and kiss their wrist. 

  670. Drive to the beach or a lake together. Bring a CD/music player and your favorite romantic songs and dance the night away. Bring a lite late night picnic for even more romance! 

  671. Go for a late night swim. Place candles are the area and make sure to use “extra fluffy” towels to dry each other off! 

  672. Spend an entire day speaking in a foreign accent and act like tourists! 

  673. Create a list of countries and their well-known related foods. Buy a few cookbooks or surf the net for recipes and make the foods you listed. Keep track on a map of your progress as you eat your way around the world! 

  674. Surprise your partner by doing something they haven’t been looking forward to, like washing their car or housework. 

  675. Get a camera (or buy disposable ones) and spend a day taking each other’s pictures. Go to a one hour photo lab (don’t forget to get doubles!) and have a quick romantic meal while you wait. 

  676. Have a board game night. Buy a bunch of chips, dip and other finger foods to snack on and get ready for a competitive night of games! For a fun romantic twist… whoever wins the most games gets one free wish! 

  677. Learn about a small city or town that is around an hour or so away. Plan a half day’s itinerary. Then surprise your date by taking them on a romantic day excursion. Love Note: The car ride will provide a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other better! 

  678. Take a sunrise bike ride, hike or walk together and have donuts/muffins and orange juice after. 

  679. For their birthday kiss them as many times as they are old, and make the last kiss (their age) a very passionate kiss… (and don’t for the extra one for good luck) 

  680. Don’t confuse being paranoid with being possessive. 

  681. Spend 2 hours getting ready for a date even if it usually takes you 20 minutes. 

  682. Have a calendar made for them… use pictures of you and them for the background/pictures. 

  683. Schedule and never break a weekly date with your partner. Even if the date involves staying home. 

  684. Make a time capsule together. Put things like love letters, jewelry, and anything of sentimental value in it. Open it on your 25th (or any important one) anniversary (of being together… not necessarily married) 

  685. Stupid arguments are healthy.. as long as they don’t go to far. 

  686. In the middle of your partner’s conversation with someone else, lean over and whisper I love you in their ear. 

  687. When they are sitting in a chair, and you are up doing things, lean over the back of the chair and kiss their forehead. (it’s also a way to see if your noses fit together…they usually do :-)) 

  688. One day, come up behind your partner and put a blindfold on them. Tell them they are to do exactly as you say. Have a picnic meal ready ahead of time with some champagne or other sparkling beverage and champagne flutes. If it’s cold, make sure you have blankets. Take them to a beach, lake, secluded park or other desired spot. For the most fun, drive around longer than you really need to. It builds the anticipation better. 

  689. Around 6 or 7 in the evening one night, take your partner by the hand and say, “You’re going with me.” Have your bags backed, train tickets purchased and hotel reservations at your destination made ahead of time. Don’t let them see the bags until you get to the train station. If they ask what you’re doing or where you’re going, don’t let them know until you actually get into your hotel room. 

  690. Plan to have a limousine service pick up your partner from work one day. The romantic gesture? You’re inside with champagne! Even if you just rent it to drive them home, it will definitely be something remembered AND unexpected! 

  691. When time and money are limited, why not plan a midnight rendezvous? Steal your partner away to a moonlight picnic outdoors, cuddled together in thick blankets while star gazing and feeding each other chocolate cheesecake (or your dessert of choice). 

  692. Always be there for each other. 

  693. Never go to sleep mad at each other. 

  694. Kiss your partner like you won’t see them again. 

  695. Start each day with a kiss and an I love you. 

  696. End each day with a kiss and an I love you. 

  697. Kinky bad; Blindfolds good. 

  698. Apply massage oil to your lover’s back while giving a sensual massage. 

  699. Bring a single red rose or a feather to trace down your partner’s body on your next sensual encounter. 

  700. Cuddle often. 

  701. Dance seductively under the moonlight. 

  702. Engage in a loving embrace. 

  703. Flirt with each other across a filled room. 

  704. Grab your lover’s bottom the next time they walk by. 

  705. Have a bubble bath ready when your lover comes home. 

  706. Ignite each other’s flame by carrying out each other’s fantasy. 

  707. Joke with each other often. 

  708. Kill time by kissing. 

  709. Lust as well as love each other. 

  710. Make love outside. 

  711. Nudity can be fun, especially while swimming! 

  712. Open up to each other and play truth or dare. 

  713. Play, play, play! 

  714. Quietly sneak up on your partner and attack them sexually. 

  715. Romance your lover. 

  716. Surprise your lover with the best sensual gift: you in the nude with a big bow! 

  717. Take your time during foreplay. 

  718. Understand that each of you are different and enjoy different things. 

  719. Venture into unknown territory by reading up on a new lovemaking technique then practice it tonight! 

  720. Wash each other in the shower. 

  721. Express yourself freely in the moment of passion. 

  722. Yearn to caress your lover. 

  723. Zealous lovers are never lonely! 

  724. Call them up at work to remind them you love them. 

  725. Surprise your partner to a romantic weekend together. 

  726. Give your partner a smile or soft kiss and just let them know you are there for them. 

  727. Take one night each week and give into each other’s sexual fantasies. 

  728. Flirt with your sweetheart when you’re in a store. 

  729. Set one day out of each week to do something special and never miss it. 

  730. Go out on at least one date a week. 

  731. Make each moment when your with each other count. 

  732. Whenever you have a misunderstanding make sure to talk about the problems and try your best to solve it together.

  733. Fight over the stupid stuff… that only makes your relationship stronger. 

  734. Tell your partner often that you love them, I try for at least 10 times a day, even if they are right after another. 

  735. Never be a hypocrite… hypocrisy destroys relationships. 

  736. Pick a magic word for the day and every time that word passes your love’s lips, they are responsible for a kiss. A kiss debt can be accrued that must be paid off by the end of the day! (Pick a word that is said often… like “the” or “of”…) 

  737. If you have two phone lines or an intercom in your house. Call your love up and say: “I just called to say ‘I love you!’” 

  738. Get one of those balls that expand and contract with very little effort… put it between you and your love (in your mouths) and go in for kisses. (it’s really fun… and stupid) 

  739. If she is sleeping and you want to wake her up or don’t really want to bother her… kiss her cheek. 

  740. Always be truthful, but brutal. Better for her to know something now, that spend a lot of time trying to hide it. 

  741. Learn the lyrics to one of her favorite slow jams and sing it very softly in her ear one day out of the blue— she’ll love you for it! 

  742. Write her a loving poem that comes from deep in your heart, then give to her and tell her to read it at home.


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